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Author Topic: The trail of death - Mt. Huashan China With Video  (Read 2218870 times)

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The trail of death - Mt. Huashan China With Video
« on: Thu 15 Nov 2012 03:06:07 IST »

Some people are tough opponents all this, and a decent portion baldeet of thrills!

If you can not live without the thrill and just dreaming of a new portion of adrenaline, the extreme "attraction" in Chinese mountain Huashan - for you. Come here and daredevils who want to prove to themselves and to the world their own courage, and weak-willed people who dream to get rid of internal uncertainty.  Huashan Mountain - it is an effective cure for fear and effective vitamin affirmation.

Flower Mountain, the sacred mountain of China, bringing together five points in the shape of petals, and located near the city of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province. It laid a lot of fascinating tourist routes - including some of the climbs on the cable car, climbing and hiking. Curious travelers if you wish can get to each of the five peaks of Huashan - Southern, Northern, Western, Eastern and Central.

The preferred way is to use the cable car and climb from the foot of North Mountain to its summit. Road safety and to the West peak. Foot climb to the top of the North, originating from the east entrance, with all the sinuosity and the steepness of the ascent, though, and requires a fair amount of physical fitness, but also not associated with greater risk, as laid out by a fairly wide stone steps.

 But there is a tourist route that can bring tourists to the most impressionable syncope - is the transition from the top of Huashan North to South. Some travelers, taking the first step, just turn to stone with fear, unable to disengage the cramped fingers and move. And this is not surprising.

The road running along the sheer vertical cliffs, It is called the path of death (but the road of death in Bolivia we saw here) - off the narrow boards into an abyss would mean certain death, but the number of tourists who want to make a risky climb, no thinning . The travelers set foot on board nailed over the abyss and move to the top of the cliff hugging or holding firmly soldered to the stone wall of the chain.

No railings and fences - just you, crazy wind, and hundreds of meters in the way. Of course, some no insurance there - at all brave wear a belt with a rope and snap hook on it, so that you can cling to the lifeline, stretched along the route.

 Reward the brave tourists will not only become a marvelous panorama view from the top of the South - the highest of the five "petals" of the flower Huashan, but a whole bunch of turbulent emotions experienced by the travelers who defeated the rise. The news that the ascent of the dangerous path - not a one-way trip, and the road there and back, it sounds for many tourists out of the blue, but the descent is usually given is easier.

Those who believe in happy loving couples leave marks on the top of the mountain conquered characters alive the feeling - locks shiny and red tape, the abundance which dazzled. Each of those who subdued a dangerous path, happily shares the unusual sensations of climbing - first it panic, and after a delightful euphoria that did not give up, managed, overcome, defeated.

It is 120 km east of Xi'an dominate the northern plains granite peaks array Huashan (Huashan). This is - one of the five sacred mountains of China, in their system, it was called Siyue (Xiyue), West Peak. Especially revered her Taoists.

All at Huashan five points: the highest - South (2154, m), then East (2096.2 m), West (2082.6 m), Central (2037.8 m) and North (1614.9 m). The form of the location of these peaks resembles a lotus flower. Perhaps because of this, the mountain got its name.

 Ascent to Huashan, which is about 14 km, is very dangerous. In some places there is no road, just steps carved into a cliff. In ancient times, Huashan called "the most precipitous mountain in China."

The most famous part of the path - Rib Green Dragon - with precipices on either side of the steps.

From the village to the top of Mount Huashan takes six to nine hours, but you can stay overnight in the village itself, and in the modest hotel on the route to the top.

By the way, massive chains were bolted to the walls of the mountain long ago - for Western tourists. And earlier in the Huashan rose just - on a plate. It's good that at least in some parts of this amazing route circuit is not adjacent to the rock itself, and suspended in a handrail on the outside of the path.

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