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Smallest married couple Guinness World Records.

In celebration of GWR Day 2016, the title holders for Smallest married couple have travelled to London this week to visit the London HQ of Guinness World Records.   Paulo Gabriel da Silva Barros and Katyucia Lie Hoshino, both of Brazil, have been verified at a combined height of just 181.41 cm ...


Snaps of Super Moon Round the World

Supermoon - it's an astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with perigee - the moment of closest approach the Moon and Earth.Supermoon peak was recorded yesterday, 14 November. The inhabitants of the earth could see a huge moon in the sky. Last time ...


Collection of Most Beautiful Babes of Hollywood

55. Emily Blunt No doubt there are many beautiful female stars in Hollywood today. But the question is who is the most beautiful babe still remains? Well, it was tough task for me to compile list of most beautiful Hollywood babes. Don’t agree with the list? Then tell us who are your favorite ...


Incredible Photography In A Human Sized Fish Tank

Lebanese conceptual photographer based in Beirut started a project “The Unseen World”. To better illustrate the concept, she used water in her endeavor as a reference to the mysteries of the sea. The photographs of The Unseen are split into two parts: what is above the water is the world everybody ...


Battle between a harbor seal and giant pacific octopus

Editor's choice

Photographer Bob Ianson caught a fight between a harbor seal and giant pacific octopus in the waters off Victoria’s Ogden Point. Ianson, owner of Heirloom Linens, was on a walk with his family by Ogden Point Breakwater in Victoria, Canada, when he saw the two creatures battling one another. Ianson ...

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